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Experience the full capability of True High Definition via HDMI,
the only true end-end digital transmission standard.
HDMI offers the highest quality HD video capability available to date.

Key Benefits:

Pure Digital Transmission for best picture quality
480P,720 I/P,1080 I/P Video Resolutions
HDMI audio and video on single cable

Cable Vision provide a broad selection of solutions for your
specialized HDMI distribution needs.

Key Solutions:

HDMI switching - Enables multiple source to be shared with single HD Display
HDMI Distribution - Enables HD sources to be displayed to multiple HD Displays
HDMI Routing - Route anys HD source to any HD Display
HDMI Extension - Extends HDMI networks
HDMI Ethernet Gateway - Enables HDMI to be routed over Ethernet CAT5-e

Learn More About our HDMI Distibution Solutions

Single Display Series
Dual Display Solutions
  • 3×1 Switch for HDMI
  • 4×1 Toslink Switch for HDMI
  • 5×1 Switch for HDMI
  • 1×2 Distribution Amp for HDMI
  • 5×2 Distribution Amp for HDMI
  • 4×2 Matrix Switch for HDMI
Multiple Display Digital Signage Solutions
HDMI Extentions
  • 3×4 Distribution Amp for HDMI
  • 3×8 Distribution Amp for HDMI
  • Extender for HDMI