Ethernet over Coax

Ethernet over Coax is designed to deliver 10Mbs Ethernet Data service over pre-exiting Coaxial cables. Cable Vision Ethernet Over Coax distribution system, enables integration of Video and Data on pre-existing Coax cable thus minimizing installation cost and ensures optimal performance.

With a few key solutions, we combine CATV and Ethernet onto Coax, convert Ethernet to Coax format, and also split CATV/Ethernet for distribution to multiple locations.

Key Benefits:

100Mbs Ethernet over existing Coax
Video and Ethernet Data on signle coax. No new cables!
Easy to install

Cable Vision provide a broad selection of solutions for delivering Ethernet over cable. Key Solutions: Ethernet Over Cable Inserter - Combines Video and Ethernet onto Coax Ethernet Over Cable Converter - Converts Ethernet to Coax format Ethernet Over Cable Tap -Splits Video/Ethernet for distribution to multiple locations

1GHz Bandwidth High Isolation ( 80dB) Excellent Retrun Loss (- 20dB) Passive, no power required