About Us

Cable Vision specializes in broadband RF video, HDMI Extended technology and Ethernet/IP connectivity solutions.

Cable Vision's high quality multi-tap and line passives are available in any Docsis system. Our innovated Ethernet over Coax series of products enable service providers and self-installers to deliver Ethernet/IP, power and broadband RF video over a single coaxial cable. Video over IP technologies enable our customers have more flexibility of installing their Audio/Video systems in the IP based with longer distance.

Cable Vision hopes to increase business innovation and strategic arrangement based with our partners to achieve our goals of sustainable growth, the protection of employees’ rights.

Why choose us

In order to enhance the value of your coaxial cable system, we bring coax cable new capability to carry Ethernet/IP and power, and keep the same simplicity and robustness. No limitation of 100m like cat5 cable, now low bandwidth like XDSL, either no extensive cost like optics, coaxial cable is upgraded its ability by Cable Vision's innovation and will keep its service for video surveillance in Mega IP camera age.