HDMI Digital Video Distribution


True HD with HDMI

Experience the full capability of True High Definition via HDMI, the only true end-end digital transmission standard. HDMI offers the highest quality HD video capability available to date.

Key Benefits:

  • Pure Digital Transmission for best picture quality
  • 480P,720 I/P,1080 I/P Video Resolutions
  • HDMI audio and video on single cable

HDMI Distribution Solutions

Cable Vision provide a broad selection of solutions for your specialized HDMI distribution needs.

Key Solutions:

  • HDMI switching - Enables multiple source to be shared with single HD Display
  • HDMI Distribution - Enables HD sources to be displayed to multiple HD Displays
  • HDMI Routing - Route anys HD source to any HD Display
  • HDMI Extension - Extends HDMI networks
  • HDMI Ethernet Gateway - Enables HDMI to be routed over Ethernet CAT5-e

Learn More About our HDMI Distibution Solutions

OEM/ODM hdmi connection diagram


            can be used with

Single Display Series
Dual Display Solutions

Multiple Display Digital Signage Solutions

HDMI Extentions
Wireless Series

3x1 Switch for HDMI

4x1 Toslink Switch for HDMI

5x1 Switch for HDMI


1x2 Distribution Amp for HDMI

5x2 Distribution Amp for HDMI

4x2 Matrix Switch for HDMI


3x4 Distribution Amp for HDMI

3x8 Distribution Amp for HDMI

 Extender for HDMI

1x1 Wireless Amp for HDMI


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