Ethernet Over Coax (EOC) Distribution System


Ethernet Over Coax

Ethernet over Coax is designed to deliver 10Mbs Ethernet Data service over pre-exiting Coaxial cables. Cable Vision Ethernet Over Coax distribution system, enables integration  of Video and Data on pre-existing Coax cable thus minimizing installation cost and ensures optimal performance.

With a few key solutions, we combine CATV and Ethernet onto Coax, convert Ethernet to Coax format, and also split CATV/Ethernet for distribution to multiple locations.

 Key Benefits:

  • 100Mbs Ethernet over existing Coax
  • Video and Ethernet Data on signle coax. No new cables!
  • Easy to install

Ethernet Over Coax Solutions

Cable Vision provide a broad selection of solutions for delivering Ethernet over cable.

Key Solutions:

  • Ethernet Over Cable Inserter - Combines Video and Ethernet onto Coax
  • Ethernet Over Cable Converter - Converts Ethernet to Coax format
  • Ethernet Over Cable Tap -Splits Video/Ethernet for distribution to multiple  locations


  • 1GHz Bandwidth
  • High Isolation ( 80dB)
  • Excellent Retrun Loss (- 20dB)
  • Passive, no power required

Learn More About our Ethernet Over Coax Solutions

10 Mbps Ethernet over Coax

10 Mbps Ethernet over Coax

100 Mbps Ethernet over Coax
100 Mbps Ethernet over Coax

ethernet and catv integrator


ethernet and catv integration data tap


ethernet over coax passive converter


ethernet over coax active converter



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