The 1x1 wirelesss amp for HDMI allows you to deliver 1080P HDMI video all around the home without cabling! Ideal for applications where installation of cable is not possible. Built on robust wireless N technology, the most advanced wireless technology is available for home networking.

The wireless HDMI amp delivers reliable coverage of 330ft around your home, which is capable of covering all rooms in your house; no matter they’re in the same or different floors. In addition, Integrated Infrared Remote transceiver allows user to send I.R controls from the viewing area back to the video source over the same wireless channels for seamless integration.

clear eye of pure 1080P digital bit patterns


   Wireless Transmit HD audio video !



    1080P over 330 ft.

wireless IEEE 802.11n

    1HDMI input,1 HDMI wireless output.

    Frequency band
2.4 GHz

    Wireless Remote Control (IR) transceiver.

    Maximal transfer distance

    Clear EYE™ design optimizes HDMI signal transmission.

M-JPEG visually lossless compression

    Works with HDMI or DVI-D, HDCP-enabled HDTV.

480P, 720 I/P,1080 I/P

    Supports high resolution video 480P, 720I/P, 1080I/P.



    HDMI Inputs


    HDMI Outputs(wireless)


    Wireless I.R. transceive Yes
           Feature HDCP compliant
        Ethernet port 1

        Power adaptor external
        Voltage required 12V

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